Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hotel Couture from Christian Lacroix

Since the 1st of December, I keep telling myself that I have to finish my summer 2011 collection by the end of the week. But...It doesn't seem as if it's going to happen any time soon. I might have to stop checking my RRS feed from all my fav blogs. Anyway I couldn't resist the feeling that I need to find some inspiration to start.
Finally I have found, my goddess fashion designer who I have admired since I was very young (when I had no idea what fashion designer means or what they do!!!)
"Christian Lacroix", the French couturier whose artistic, flamboyant and exuberant architectural invention dresses shot him to fame in the 1980s, alas....became a victim of the global financial crisis in 2007. Mmmm, I will not go into the detail. It will bring me a few tears. Here we go just did ..again!!!
I was proud to see that Christian Lacroix turned his eye on the travel
world. He is the name behind the interior design of a new 4* hotel lying in the heart of Le Marais. Here is one of them "Hotel du Petit Moulin" You can discover it in Paris....
Of course!! It is a quirky, flamboyant and, ultimately, a hugely fun-design hotel. I love the vintage rustic print on the wall and the ceiling, also the vibrant contest colour used. I am definitely a big fan of large-scale "collage frescos".
I love you "Christian Lacroix"….I wish that one day I will have a chance to do what you do…..xoxo

A treasure chest of historical Australian graphic design

This year will be the 15th year of my life in Australia. I have come across a lot of brilliant artists through my career and my boutique: graphic designer, interior designer, architect, photographer, musician, singer, actor, actress...etc. They have become a collective little group of friends who are unique and passionate. Keep thinking!! ,,,why don’t I invite them to share their thoughts with us ?? Some of them live in Australia and some live overseas. My brief will be “What inspires you from where you live ?”
Here is my first invitation post. I would love to start from my dear friend Grace who is a brilliant graphic designer and director from Taylor&Grace.

A treasure chest of historical Australian graphic design:::::::::::::::::::

This is fantastic! Re:collection is a showcase of Australian graphic design from 1960–1980, but a warning before you click on the link – we haven’t been able to stop marveling at the talent of these great Aussie designers and get back to our own work!
Chapeau to Dominic Hofstede, whose labour of love has created a site that we predict graphic designers will turn to for years to come, for inspiration and for sheer pleasure! You’ll be amazed at how contemporary many of the designs feel. Just goes to show that good design is timeless. Enjoy.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The music of angels

I am very proud to announce that Chitra's Closet is dressing the wonderfully talented Seraphim trio for their latest concert series. Their music is very beautiful & they look lovely in my clothes!

The Seraphim trio is an award winning piano trio. This year they celebrate 15 years of chamber music with a very special concert series titled 'Friendship.'

Their next concert is at the Recital Centre on the 10th of October,
I hope to see you all there.

for details log onto:

Love Chitra XX

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My new Autumn Winter 09 collection- now in store

Hello lovely friends


Thank you to those who came to my fashion show Thursday night, Bon voyage, La Grand Duchesse! It was a wonderfully romantic evening at Polly on Brunswick Street. And a fabulous way to launch and celebrate my new seasons collection. The music was lovely, the ladies elegantly dressed AND the men - very handsome......

Thank you to ALL the very special people that worked to make my show happen.

The wonderful photos below were taken by the talented people at fashionising, lovely photo ...........mam I feel so proud, to view all the photos click here.

Hope to see you all soon at my little shop - I'll have a nice cup of tea waiting for you.....

Love Chitra X O X

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A girly blog brimming with inspiration

On a tight budget but in desperate need of an inspiring dose of glamour, romance, fashion and gloss? try Sarah Klassen's blog - better than any magazine on the market & it's free!!

Full of Grace

Introducing one of my best friends "Grace", Art Director and co-owner of Marketing & Branding studio Taylor&Grace, today she's joined us to shares a few of her favorite things!

Hope you enjoy,

Lots of love Chitra



I've rummaged through my files & have found some exciting little gems to share with you, 
Cheers - Grace XX 

Photograph by the talented Corrie Bond